Auten Road Intermediate School
281 Auten Road
Hillsborough,  NJ  08844
908-431-6600 option 3
Office Staff
                       "Mr. Carey in the 6th Grade"
chris       c         
Christopher Carey
  mike                                                                 jen
Michael Picciottoli                                                                              Jennifer Battista
Vice-Principal                                                                                     Vice Principal
X2465                                                                                                  X2465
nora                       patty                     
Nora Brinkofski                                  Patricia Brower                              Angela Cleveland
Counselor                                           Counselor                                       Counselor
X2313                                                 X2249                                             X2914
 val                                                                         annette
Valerie Newman                                                                                Annette Haveson
Nurse                                                                                                   Nurse
X2140                                                                                                  X2432
linda                     ro                   marlene
Linda DeKranis                               Roseanna Mazzone                     Marlene Boon
Secretary                                         Secretary                                    Secretary
X2465                                              X2464                                         X2368
E-mail to all staff can be addressed to first initial, last name
All visitors must report to the school office upon entering the building. All visitors must have permission from the office to visit any part of our building. All visitors must wear the proper visitor pass while in the building. Students are NOT permitted to bring visitors to school.

No student may leave grounds early without being signed out of the Main Office. We sincerely ask that if you wish your child to leave early you abide by the following:
  • Send a signed note specifying the early dismissal time.
  • Students are asked to bring this note to the office during homeroom.
  • Please do not send anyone without written permission to pick up your child.
Please call the absentee line 431-6600 (option 3 for Auten Road School, then option 1 for absentee line) if your child is going to be absent or late.  You may request homework on this line by 10:00 a.m. on the second day of absence and pick up any assignments outside the office door after 4:15 p.m.

Every effort is made to ensure that your child has a safe bus ride to and from school.   Students are not allowed to ride on other student's buses.  Busing arrangements are made through our district transportation office. If you have any questions or concerns about your child's transportation arrangement you may call the transportation office at 431-6600 X2690.

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