9-12 (HHS)

Social Studies Grades 9-12

High school social studies classes aim to help students become critically-thinking members of our local and global communities. Students practice thinking like historians through reading various sources, identifying perspectives, and creating arguments based on evidence.

Required Courses

World History Map (Board Approved: 10/10/2022)/ World History Honors Map (Board Approved: 10/10/2022)
U.S. History I Map (Board Approved: 10/10/2022)/ U.S. History I Honors Map (Board Approved: 10/10/2022)
U.S. History II Map Board Approved: 10/10/2022)/ AP U.S. History II Map (Board Approved: 10/10/2022)

Elective Courses

AP United States Government and Politics Curriculum Guide (Board Approved: 12/19/2022) AP European History Curriculum Guide (Board Approved: 11/23/2020)
AP Human Geography Curriculum Guide (Board Approved: 8/23/2021)
AP Microeconomics and AP Macroeconomics Curriculum Guide (Board Approved: 11/23/2020)
AP Psychology Curriculum Guide (Board Approved: 12/19/2022)
AP World History Curriculum Guide (Board Approved: 11/28/2022)
America in the New Millennium Curriculum Guide (Board Approved: 11/23/2020)
Community Connections Curriculum Guide (Board Approved: 11/23/2020)
Economics Curriculum Guide (Board Approved: 5/13/2019)
Gender Studies Curriculum Guide (Board Approved: 10/10/2022)
Genocide and Holocaust Curriculum Guide (Board Approved: 12/19/2022)
Government and Politics Curriculum Guide (Board Approved: 12/19/2022)
History of Pop Culture Curriculum Guide (Board Approved: 12/19/2022)
Individual and Interpersonal Behavior Curriculum Guide (Board Approved: 12/19/2022)
Race in the United States Curriculum Guide (Board Approved: 8/24/2020)
Sociology Curriculum Guide Curriculum Guide (Board Approved: 12/19/2022)