Goals and Objectives

The Hillsborough Township School District

The goals of Hillsborough's REACH Program are:

    • To develop complex, abstract, and higher-level cognitive processes.
    • To develop problem-solving and decision-making abilities.
    • To develop awareness and acceptance of oneself as a unique individual and as a member of society.
    • To increase independence, individuality, and self-direction in learning.

The Hillsborough REACH Program meets the special needs, interests, and abilities of identified students by:

    • Providing instruction that differs in process, rate, and depth from the patterns of the regular classroom.
    • Emphasizing intellectual integrity, risk-taking, curiosity, and intrinsic motivation.
    • Extending the students' ability to utilize higher-level cognitive processes and to synthesize complex, abstract ideas.
    • Focusing on the development of increased self-awareness, self-esteem, emotional maturity, and constructive peer relationships.
    • Developing student independence by encouraging students to initiate, create, and evaluate during the learning process.
    • Providing opportunities for in-depth learning in an area of individual interest.