Applied Technology OLD

Applied Technology Department

Supervisor: Chris Ireland
(908) 431-6600 x3469
email id: cireland

The Applied Technology Department offers an array of courses in which students acquire knowledge and skills through the design and development of projects. Through that process, students also improve their problem-solving skills. Although these courses introduce students to potential career opportunities, they are not purely vocational in nature. Rather, they are designed to provide practical experiences that benefit all students as part of a broad high school learning experience.

Course overviews are available for:

 Course Date of BOE Approval 
Advanced Drafting 9/21/20
 Advanced Graphic Arts 9/21/20
 Advanced Study in Wood Technology  9/21/20 
 Energy & Power Technology 9/21/20
 Graphic Arts 9/21/20
 Integrative STEM  9/21/20
 Mechanical Drawing  9/21/20
 STEM - Grade 7  7/2014
 STEM - Grade 8  7/2014
 Web Page Design  9/21/20
 Wood Technology I  9/21/20
 Wood Technology II  9/21/20
 Wood Technology III  9/21/20