Life Skills Programs

Life Skills Class Curriculum 


Red Ribbon Week - October
Held during October to coincide with the National Red Ribbon Campaign. The Red Ribbon Campaign symbolizes a commitment to a healthy drug-free lifestyle. All schools participate as well as the entire community.  There is more information in the Red Ribbon Week section on this webpage.


It's Okay To Be Different
This program is designed to teach children about the diversity and differences and will help them develop empathy for others. This lesson uses Todd Parr's graphically appealing book, It's Okay to Be Different, to help students understand what diversity means and how it applies to them. After a shared reading of the book, students will discuss the book and participate in activities to reinforce what makes them different and also that "kindness counts." 

I'm Proud To Be Me (Donnie Dinosaur Series)
Promotes an appreciation and understanding of individuality, positive attitudes, friendship, and kindness to self and others. This module is designed to enhance childrens self-esteem. Approximately 50 minutes (including the 12-minute video). The main character is a puppet by the name of Donnie Dinosaur. He teaches all the kids they are Dino-mite Kids. School coordinator sets up program with principal and teachers.

"Stranger Safety"
This lesson has a winning combination of fairy tale adventure and concrete safety information. Using the book, Once Upon a Dragon, this lesson will cover the essentials of stranger safety for children in a playful but concrete way. As a girl helps her lovable but impulsive dragon friend, each problem comes to an agreeable and safe resloution. The concepts in the book will be reinforced with discussion questions and engaging activities. Students will feel empowered with important safety information throughout the lesson.

Lets Work It Out
The second grade Life Skills programs expand on the Donnie Dinosaur series by focusing on resolving conflicts. Components of the program are a story, discussion, and a group puzzle activity. Lets Work It Out is designed to assist children in understanding feelings and to know how to use listening and communication skills to solve problems in a non-violent manner. It also encourages children to express negative feelings such as jealousy and anger in more constructive ways. School coordinator sets up program with principal and teachers.

How I Learned Not to Be Bullied
This program is designed to help children understand common motives behind bullies actions and to learn non-violent techniques for coping with bullies. Another component in the program assists children in learning ways to maintain self-esteem despite bullies continued attempts to damage it. School coordinator sets up program with principal and teachers.
BABES (Beginning Alcohol Basic Education Series) (6 weeks)
Is a nationally applauded substance abuse prevention program which originated in Michigan over twenty years ago, and which has been in New Jersey for seventeen years. It is currently in use in forty states, as well as four foreign countries.
Through the use of seven puppets in six story lessons, BABES touches the hearts and minds of children, as it helps them to grow in self-esteem, coping and decision-making skills while also providing non-judgmental and factual information concerning the use and abuse of chemical substances. Our facilitators have been certified to present program. Coordinated through District Life Skills and funded through Hillsborough/Millstone Municipal Alliance.

"Drugs - What Kids Need to Know"
After viewing a video, workshop will give students straight forward answers to the questions they have about drugs, help them understand just how drugs can affect their brains and bodies, and identify effective ways for them to say "No" to drugs, tobacco, alcohol and marijuana. 

"Get a Winning Attitude"
Explores what self-esteem is and how our attitude affects our performance and even our decisions.  Students will learn that the keys to  success include developing a winning attitude.  School coordinator sets up program with principal and teacher during a 2-period math class.

This program, Surviving Peer pressure:  You Can Do It! was created to help young people understand that the desire to fit in with a group can sometimes lead a person to inappropriate behavior but that there are strategies they can follow to avoid finding themselves in this predicament.  School Coordinator sets up program with principal and teacher during a 2-period literacy class.

P.U.S.H. - (Prevention Using Student Help)
Trained high school students go into sixth grade classrooms with a two-session program teaching drug and alcohol education, peer pressure, and that it's okay not to use drugs or alcohol when you are a teenager.  S.A.C. works with high school students.

GRADES 5 & 6
i RUN - I am Responsible, Unique and Noble
Offered to girls in Auten Road Intermediate School.  The Girls On the Run (5th grade) and the Girls on Track (6th grade) are an exercise and mentoring program for girls which builds their self-esteem.  The goals of the programs are to encourage positive emotional, social, mental, spiritual and physical development.  The program meets 1 hour twice a week culminating in a 5K race and recognition pizza party.  (Funded By Youth Services Commission and Hillsborough/Millstone Municipal Alliance.

GRADES 7 & 8
A.W.A.R.E (Advocating Wellness through Addiction Resources & Education)
A.W.A.R.E Middle School students focus on healthy lifestyle choices for members who, in turn, educate elementary and intermediate school students about the dangers of tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs. The program lays the groundwork for major education initiatives each year:
  • Interactive prevention presentations with elementary and intermediate school students. 
  • A.W.A.R.E students meet with advisors every week.
Students meet twice a week to prepare presentations to 7th grade Health classes each marking period, to all 6th grade Health and PE classes once a year and facilitate an annual Family Night Presentation open to all parents. 
PRIDE (Peers Respecting Individual Differences Everyday)
Hillsborough Middle School has initiated a peer leadership program called PRIDE, which stands for Peers Respecting Individual Differences Everyday. The goals of the group are to promote tolerance, teach and encourage conflict resolution skills and reduce bullying, teasing and harassment. PRIDE's goals are to utilize positive peer influence to create a safe and caring environment at the middle school. PRIDE presents anti-bullying lessons to all 7th grade Health classes and to all 2nd graders in the district.
i RUN - I am Responsible, Unique and Noble
Offered to girls in 7th and 8th grade at Hillsborough Middle School.  The Girls on Track program is an exercise and mentoring program for girls which builds their self-esteem.  The goal of the program is to encourage positive emotional, social, mental, spiritual and physical development.  The program meets twice a week in the fall and spring season culminating in a 5K race and recognition pizza party. (Funded by Hillsborough/Millstone Municipal Alliance).

GRADES 9 - 12
P.U.S.H. - (Prevention Using Student Help)
High school students attend a two-day training and work with 6th grade students on prevention efforts. P.U.S.H. students attend the ELKS Conference each year in New Jersey.
REBEL (Reaching Everyone By Exposing Lies)
which is New Jerseys statewide youth anti-tobacco movement. High school students work with peers as well as elementary students to deliver the anti-smoking message.
Support Group Meetings on various topics led by HHS Student Assistance Counselors meet each week at high school.
Assembly Programs with prevention message throughout the year including:

- DIRT for the Freshman class
- Steered Straight for Sophomore Class
- Chasing The Dragon - for Junior Class
- Every 15 Minutes - for the Senior Class



Parenting Programs are offered K-12 throughout the year for our parent/guardians to enhance their parenting skills. The programs are presented by professional speakers.
PLC (Parent Learning Community)
Five week parent-to-parent workshop series focused on strengthening relationships and improving communication with our children and adolescents for the prevention of substance use and abuse.  One session includes a presentation by the Hillsborough Township Police on local trends in alcohol/drug use as well as internet safety.

Family Unity Nights (FUN) 
Family Unity Nights is a FREE 7 week program for parents/caregivers of children (ages 10 14) brought to the Hillsborough Community by Empower Somerset.  Topics covered include: stress management, setting family rules/boundaries, communication strategies and family bonding activities.

15 Minute Child Break
The program is a 1 hour interactive presentation sponsored by the Partnership for a Drug Free New Jersey.  The presentation includes up to date information about vaping, drug abuse,  alcohol abuse, warning signs and so much more.  The presentation also include communication skills for parents.  

Night Of Conversation
This is an annual event that takes place in November.  The evening consists of an information session about various topics (mental health, drug abuse, vaping) as well as communication skills for parents/care givers.  This event is sponsored by the YMCA, Empower Somerset, Pioneer Family Success Center, Hillsborough Municipal Alliance and the Hillsborough School District.