Grades K-5

Mathematics Curricula in Grades K-5

The K-5 Mathematics Program in Hillsborough Township is designed to emphasize conceptual understanding while building a mastery of grade level content.  Problem solving, communication, mathematical connections, and reasoning are the skills promoted throughout the year.  The primary component of the district, the Everyday Mathematics program is divided into these mathematical domains.


Counting and Cardinality (grades K only)

Operations and Algebraic Thinking

Number and Operations in Base Ten

Number and Operations-Fractions (beginning in grade 3)

Measurement and Data



Emphasis is placed on:

The program is directly correlated to the New Jersey Student Learning Standards and is designed to prepare students for the corresponding NJSLA administered each the spring. 


Curriculum Maps by Grade Level:

Kindergarten (Board Approved: 8/24/2020)
Grade 1 (Board Approved: 8/24/2020)
Grade 2 (Board Approved: 8/24/2020)
Grade 3 (Board Approved: 8/24/2020)
Grade 4 (Board Approved: 8/24/2020)
Grade 5 (Board Approved: 8/24/2020)

Addendum Outlining Technology Standards for K-12 Math Curriculum (Board Approved: 9/18/2023)