K-4 (Elementary)

Social Studies Grades K-4 Overview

In grades K-4, students learn fundamental concepts about government, citizenship, geography, economics, and history. The focus of instruction is on developing an understanding of core democratic values, the rights and responsibilities of American citizens, and how key people and events contributed to the development of the American heritage. Exploration of cultural universals enables students to realize how the availability of resources, the changing environment, and innovation impact everyday life. 

Curriculum Guides

Kindergarten Map (Board Approved: 9/19/2022)
Grade 1  Map (Board Approved: 9/19/2022)
Grade 2  Map (Board Approved: 9/19/2022)
Grade 3  Map (Board Approved: 9/19/2022)
Grade 4  Map (Board Approved: 9/19/2022)