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Information for the 2023-2024 School Year Coming Soon!

The CAP program is a thematic play-based extension program that aims to allow teachers time to focus on teachable moments and augment individual problem-solving situations in a relaxed and child-sensitive manner.  The CAP program provides families with an opportunity for their child to remain in their school for a full day.
There are 22 slots available in each school’s CAP program.  We will not run the program in a school if we do not have a minimum number of 7 families interested in enrolling.  If any school exceeds 22 students, students will be enrolled in the order the agreement and deposit is received.  Deposits will be refunded if a program is unable to run in your school.  Tuition for the 2022-2023 school year is $6,500 ($650 per month).
Students enrolled in the CAP program will:
follow the same school calendar and schedule as a full-day student.  Students will be dismissed at the end of the school day and transported home in accordance with arrangements made by parents at the start of the school year.
attend the academic morning kindergarten session followed by the CAP program’s activities in the afternoon.  There will be a 30-minute lunch/recess break between the sessions.
participate in daily activities that may include outdoor play, crafts, music and movement, free-choice centers and three additional specials per six-day cycle.
receive a 15% discount offered by Catholic Charities for students who participate in the CAP program and attend a Catholic Charities after school program.  Click here for Catholic Charities information.

Below are links from the district website that you may find helpful in making your decision to enroll in the CAP program:

School Hours of Elementary Schools

Transportation Department

Elementary School Contact Information

Kindergarten Registration

Before and After School Programs provided by Catholic Charities.  Catholic Charities offers a 15% discount to kindergarten students enrolled in the CAP program (click here for more information).