Notification System

Keeping parents informed and involved helps to assure student safety and improve student success.  As technology advances, we continue to update the district's delivery methods for pertinent information in a timely manner.  

Apptegy is used to deliver clear messages to the students’ parents or guardians home phone, work phone, cell phone, and email addresses.  Apptegy is also connected to the Genesis Parent Access Portal, which means that students’ contact information will be available to parents/guardians, teachers and district staff in one secure, password-protected place.    

Through the Genesis Parent Access Portal, you are able to:

  • View student schedules, report cards, assignments and grades

  • Monitor daily attendance records in "real time"

  • Use links to initiate emails to teachers

  • Update phone and email contacts for you and your child(ren)

In order for the school to keep you informed, maintaining the accuracy of your contact information is essential. Please log into the Genesis Parent Access Portal and review/update this information as soon as possible. All changes take approximately 48-hours to take effect.

You are able to add up to eight (8) phone numbers and email addresses. These contacts will provide the schools with multiple ways to reach you, but please note that the notification system will pull multiple numbers and emails from each guardian until it reaches eight (8). For example, if guardian 1 has two home phones and four email address, they will all be included. SchoolMessenger will then take every phone number/email address from guardian 2, then guardian 3 and guardian 4 until reaching the maximum of eight email address and 8 phone numbers. 

To update or limit which email addresses and phone numbers receive non-emergency messages, please contact your school's main office. Please note that these changes take approximately 48-hours to take effect.

SMS Text Alerts

Please note that in order to be able to receive text alerts from SchoolMessenger you need to text Y” or “Yes” (without the quotes) to the short code number, 67587. You can also opt out of these messages at any time by simply replying to one of our messages with “Stop”.