9-12 HHS Curriculum

High School Computer Literacy Program

The high school houses eleven computer labs. Students in grades 9, 10, 11 and 12 use computers to enhance the writing process. Members of the yearbook and newspaper staffs in the high school create their publications using electronic copy preparation. Courses in Desktop Publishing, Graphic Arts, Digital Photography, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Word Processing, Advanced Software Applications, Web Page Design, Video Production, Keyboarding, Java, and Basic provide curricula rich in computer skills application. The use of graphing calculators is supported in all levels of mathematics.

The High School also opperates an extensive distance learning learning program in the high schools ITV studio.  On average, students in classes from most academic departments at Hillsborough High School have participated in over fifty videoconferences a year with content providers such as:
  • Columbus, Ohio Museum of Science & Industry
  • Cleveland Health/Science Museum
  • Atlanta History Center; the Vanderbilt University Virtual School
  •  Vanderbilt Universitys Medical Schools Science Outreach
  • Museum of Television & Radio in Beverly Hills, California
  • WVIA TV/FM, Pittston, Pennsylvania

Students have also participated with other online distance learning projects with students in other schools.