World Honors (Grade 9)

World History Honors Description:

Enrollment in World History Honors depends on placement according to the department criteria below.  World History Honors is offered to students who have demonstrated success in social studies and literacy, and wish to take a rigorous social studies course in high school. The course requires a great deal of independent reading of primary and secondary sources, individual and group projects, and high levels of analytical thinking, writing, and discussion.  Ideally, students who take honors social studies demonstrate the following:

  • Intellectual curiosity

  • Quality of writing

  • Creative, original thought

  • Participates well in class

  • Disciplined work habits

  • Motivation

  • Ability to handle criticism

  • Ability to work collaboratively

  • Ability to work independently

  • Ability to analyze primary sources

  • Interest in history

Criteria for Placement in World History Honors:   

  • Average Social Studies Grade: Ideally, honors candidates have an average of 94 or above in eighth-grade social studies for the first two marking periods.

  • Social Studies Common Assessment:  Historical thinking and writing skills as measured on a social studies writing task all students have taken

  • Scores on Reading and Writing Assignments:  Honors candidates should meet or exceed the grade-level standard on in-class reading and writing assessments.  In addition, a literacy essay score is taken into consideration.

Disclaimer:  It is possible that the data available to use for placement purposes will change based on requirements received from the state or other seen or unforeseen circumstances.   The district may adjust placement criteria as necessary at any time.