Hillsborough Township Public Schools Business Office

The Hillsborough Township School District Business Office is administered by the School Business Administrator/Board Secretary. The business office handles all of the financial transactions for the school district including financial reporting, purchasing, accounts payable, payroll, budgeting, employee benefits, and staff attendance and is responsible for the development and administration of the school district's budget.

The business office also has the responsibility for the development of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report(CAFR) which reflects the financial condition of the school district at the end of each fiscal year which occurs on June 30. The report also includes the independent opinions on internal controls and the accuracy of the financial reports from the board's auditor who prepares the document for submission to the board and the State Department of Education. The board auditor also reviews transactions conducted by the business office for compliance with federal and state statute and board policy and reports on areas on non-compliance along with recommendations for corrections. The business office is proud of its outstanding accomplishment on a consistent basis year after year of having no areas of non-compliance reported and no recommendations for correction. The CAFR is available in the board office for any interested parties who wish to review the financial reporting of the Hillsborough Township School District. The report also includes various schedules with statistical data for the school district and township.

The business office also contributes to the outstanding management of district resources while providing a comprehensive educational program to our students.  The district does manage to demonstrate outstanding performance from our students while achieving this at one of the lowest costs on a per pupil basis across the state.   The New Jersey Department of Education publishes an annual comparative spending guide which compares school districts of similar size to one another.  Out of 104 K-12 school districts with enrollments exceeding 3,500 students, Hillsborough had the 20th lowest spending level for total costs and the 8th lowest in administrative costs.

The business office provides a valuable support service for the students and staff and it is proud to be part of the outstanding school district that we have in Hillsborough Township.