District Social Media

Connect with Hillsborough Township Public Schools and stay in touch using social media. 

The Hillsborough Township Public Schools Social Media accounts are provided for the Hillsborough community by Hillsborough Township Public Schools. Our Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts will be updated to share district information, activities, achievements, and events of our schools, students, and staff. Comments attached to the district's postings do not reflect the ideas or positions of the district. We ask that those leaving comments show respect for fellow users by ensuring that the discussion remains civil and suitable for all ages.

Public comments on the district's social media accounts are at the discretion of the page administrators. Comments will be reviewed and removed if they:

  • Name persons in a negative way

  • Include someone else's personal information

  • Impersonate someone else

  • Break the law or encourage others to do so

  • Contain obscene, vulgar, harassing, threatening, pornographic, illegal, repetitive, abusive, hateful, embarrassing, or profane statements, language or material

  • Include links to sites that contain viruses or malicious software

  • Do not show proper consideration for others' privacy

  • Are considered likely to offend or provoke others

  • Are spam

  • Are advertisements

Communications via social media and private messaging are not reviewed by Board of Education members, if you would like to communicate or provide comments to the Board of Education and administration, please email them directly at email id: boe.

If you have a question or would like to report an inappropriate comment for us to review, please contact Mr. Michael Volpe, Superintendent of Schools. Please be specific and include a link or screen shot if possible.