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NJSLA Tutorials

NJSLA Tutorials: The purpose of the tutorials is to demonstrate the navigation and tools available for Computer-Based Assessments and the use of the Test Booklet and Answer Documents for Paper-Based Assessments. The items appearing in these tutorials are samples used to allow students and educators to gain familiarity with the technology platform and paper-based format that will be used for NJSLA.

This site includes tutorials on:

  • TestNav to familiarize students with how to navigate the TestNav 8 computer-based environment (advancing, going back, tool bar, embedded supports and accommodations)

  • Online practice tests to help familiarize students with the NJSLA assessments themselves.

  • Special accommodations tutorials to help familiarize students with how to use TestNav 8 computer-based accommodations such as text-to-speech, etc.

  • Quick reference guides to familiarize students with how to use the math Equation Editor Tool, graphing calculators, etc.