Purchasing Department

Kathy Schwab

ext 2680

Elysa Bellomo

The Hillsborough Township Board of Education Purchasing Department follows purchasing practices to be in full compliance with:

  • NJ Public School Contract Laws Title 18A:18A, et. seq.;

  • NJ Administrative Code N.J.A.C. 5:34 et seq.;

  • Board of Education Policy;

  • Other federal, state law and code;


  • Local Finance Notices - Division of the local Government Services 

Purchasing Goals:

  • Follow the law and Board Policy on purchasing

  • Promote efficiency in the purchasing practices

  • Achieve savings of money through proper purchasing practices.

District employees are asked to help achieve these goals through proper planning.  Please allow yourself enough leeway between generating a requisition and the actual date materials or services are needed.

ALL Purchase Orders will require a formal company quote.  An EDS Requisition is considered a formal quote. 

When ordering for the next school year, get a "bigger bang for your buck" with this savvy purchasing tip:  Not everything you order is a "General Classroom" supply.  Use the drop down menu when you create your requisition to see your options.  For example, if you need folders, pads, staplers etc...use the "Office Supply" category.  Typically these supplies are less expensive through Staples than School Specialty. 

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