Board FAQs

How is the board organized?

Hillsborough Township has a nine-member elected board and a board secretary. Board elections take place on the Tuesday right after the first Monday in November. During the first meeting in January, the board convenes a reorganization meeting whereby all newly elected members are sworn in, and a president and vice president are elected for a one-year term by the new board. The president is the primary spokesperson for the board. S/he also ensures that meetings are conducted efficiently. The president also works closely with the superintendent to discuss long-range plans for board meetings. The vice president fulfills these duties if the president is unable to do so.

Who is eligible to serve on the board?

Citizens of Hillsborough Township who have lived in the district for one year or more, are registered to vote, are able to read and write, are not serving as a member of local government, and have no legal or financial conflict of interest with the board are eligible to serve. Board elections are held annually in November, and board members are elected for three-year terms.

What is the purpose of the board?

New Jersey School Boards Association defines the role of the Board of Education in the following way: "the role of a board of education is not to run the schools, but to see that they are well run. To accomplish this, a board makes policies. Policies are the written expression of the board's desires for the district's students. The policy statements of the board serve as a guide to the superintendent and provide him [her] with direction, a basis for decision making, and an imperative for action."

What are the primary functions of the board?

  • To provide guidance in the areas of instruction, personnel, general administration, fiscal and business management, buildings and grounds, and community relations through policy development.

  • To provide a program of quality instruction by adopting curriculum standards that create academic goals for students, support professional development for teachers, and require reporting and evaluation of results.

  • To provide for the effective management of the district by employing and evaluating the superintendent, establishing policies for monitoring district curriculum, finances, facilities, and personnel, and requiring reports on results.

  • To provide for two-way communication between the community and the board by informing the public about schools and working to secure public understanding and support of district goals.

How are meeting times and agenda communicated?

Meetings are typically held twice a month on Monday evenings beginning at 7:30 PM in the Auten Road Intermediate School cafeteria. The calendar of meeting dates is available here. Agendas for each meeting are posted on our website. Meetings are announced in The Hillsborough Beacon as well as The Courier News.

How are board meetings organized?

Public meetings begin with a call to order, flag salute, roll call, approval of prior meetings' minutes, and the superintendent's report. The public is invited to ask questions or make comments on any of the agenda items scheduled to be discussed, providing opportunities for public input. Board members are also invited to make comments or ask questions.

Does the public have a role in board meetings?

The primary purpose of board meetings is for the board to carry out its responsibilities of reviewing, discussing, and making decisions on a wide range of policy-related issues. The public is permitted to observe the board at work and is invited to participate in specific portions of the meeting within the guidelines outlined by board policy. Each meeting requires that the board conduct its business efficiently, within a reasonable time frame. Included is the opportunity for questions and comments from Hillsborough citizens. The board president moderates the discussion while ensuring that board members have ample opportunity and information to make decisions. S/he also ensures that the opportunity for the public to make comment on topics of interest is provided.

Where can I find information about becoming a School Board member?

Information regarding candidacy for a local New Jersey School Board is available on the New Jersey School Boards Association's website